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Our Family Snaps

Both Walnut and Alice are by Wyevale Brayden, Walnut is out of a TB mare and Alice's mum was a Cleveland Bay x Cob x TB.

Cholderton Hebe is a purebred Cleveland Bay mare, compare her with Childray Chez Black who is also a purebred CB mare but who is not so plain looking or so chunky. (Sorry Hebe, I still love you)


Wyevale Brayden as foal


Investigating the snow


Wyevale Brayden in the ring at the Royal 2009, the last one ever.


Chez with her mum.


Family group in the field


Hebe and her purebred daughter Bahian Maggie.


Hi from Brayden.


Brayden winning Open class at KGV 2011 show


Peanut as a foal


Jelly on guard


Misty morning